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Seven Ideas for YouTube Videos That Sell

 As you map out your digital marketing strategy, it’s easy to overlook YouTube.  But consider this: with over 2 billion viewers every month and rising usage on TVs, you ignore it at your own peril.  YouTube’s ad choices, audience targeting options and broad reach make it a formidable tool.


But what to do with it?  Since nearly 3/4 of consumers say they’re more likely to buy from you after watching a video, and fewer than 10% of small businesses taking advantage of the platform, you can give yourself a big advantage by creating the right videos.  Here are seven ideas to get you started.  These seven can result in a lot of video content for YouTube that can also be shared on social media, your own website and via email.


Showcase a Product or Service

Highlight what you sell by using video to tell a story.  Show how it makes life better, meets a need or solves a problem.  Keep it simple.  Show the situation, explain the pain, then show how what you offer relieves that pain.  Wrap up with a short call to action that lets the viewer know what to do to make their own life better with your product or service.


Stage a Demonstration

Create a video that shows, step by step, how to use your product or service, including an actual demonstration of that product or service in use.  This lets the viewer see how easy it is — and how effective or fun it can be.


Answer Some Questions

Frequently asked questions aren’t just for your website.  They make great video content, too.  Group similar questions together into a single video.  Keep a conversational tone, and keep it simple, clear and short.


Let Your Fans Speak

Video testimonials and reviews are a lot more powerful when delivered by the happy customer or client.  Think “before and after.”  Ask your customer to talk about what their problem was or why they were unhappy with other providers, and how you made their life easier or better.  No scripts.  Let them use their own words.  And keep the focus on benefits.


Influencers and Unboxers

An influencer already has a following.  If their audience matches yours, having them talk up your products or services can feel like a celebrity endorsement to their followers.  But don’t jump in until you watch a few of their videos yourself.  See how their previous videos have done: unique viewers, watch time, impressions and engagement (comments) and so on.  For unboxing videos, make sure your packaging looks great and brands you well — and throw in a free sample or surprise.


Pull Back the Curtain

Behind the scenes videos can be very effective, drawing the viewer into your process and demonstrating your commitment to quality.  But as you show how you work, be sure to get the details right.  Make sure every workspace is clean and organized, control the lighting and sound as much as you possibly can — and tell a story that reinforces your brand.


Show Off Your Team

Especially if recruitment and retention matter to you, or if your customers have a lot of contact with your people, videos that highlight your team members can be really important.  These should feel relaxed and real, and let your employees’ personalities come through.  Let your team get in on the planning.  Have fun with it!


A Few Notes on Production.

Decide in advance how professional you want your videos to be.  YouTube videos range from do-it-yourself smartphone videos to professional productions.  If you choose to do it yourself, opt for the best gear you can afford.  A lot of new phones shoot excellent quality video, as do affordable options like GoPro camera.  Choose what makes sense for your audience and what you sell. 


Invest in good lighting and a good microphone.  Use professional voice talent if it makes sense.  Keep it short; two minutes is just about right for most videos.  The quality of production should match the investment you’re asking the consumer to make.  If you’re selling a DIY product, your video can feel more relaxed.  If what you sell comes with a high price tag, your video better be polished.  When you use background music, make sure it matches the action and the audience, and don’t let it overwhelm the voices.


Above all, watch other videos you like to see what makes them appealing.  Pay attention to how they shoot, what the lighting and sound are like, what music they use and how long they are.  You can learn a lot by watching others.

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