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To Follow or No Follow Links

For years people inside and outside of the search engine industry have misunderstood “no-follow” links. Recently, it has became more defined by Google and should allow online publishers to be more cognizant of optimization opportunities. For ages, “Nofollow” value attributes on links have provided online publishers with a straight forward Read more…

Google Rankbrain for SEO

RankBrain: Not Just Science Fiction

Google’s machine-learning algorithm, RankBrain, sounds like something out of a science fiction movie. But, by producing results that would make even Skynet proud, it helps make all of our lives easier. RankBrain is a core component of Google’s algorithm, which is constantly at work, delivering scary-accurate search results. The term Read more…

15 Ways Businesses Can Utilize SEO & Digital Marketing During Coronavirus

Guardian Owl Digital was created to help provide integrity and transparency in the chaos of the internet world and certainly, in times of an uncertain future.

We have compiled 15 ways businesses can utilize seo and digital marketing to help you pivot during the Coronavirus.