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For a brief period in the last few weeks, it looked as if AI was going to be slowing down to a definite halt. 

For one, over a thousand figures in the tech world, including Elon Musk, signed a petition calling for a moratorium on AI development. This moratorium would have allowed for a period of contemplation about possible ethical concerns that would pop up in the course of AI development. The goal, then, was to chart the safest course for developing AI. 

If that was not enough, the country of Italy enacted a temporary ban on ChatGPT due to moral concerns, such as children being able to have inappropriate conversations with the chatbot. 

All eyes, then, were on American tech giants Google and Microsoft, which are both the most visible and well-known companies that are in the AI race. 

AI Developers Refuse to Push the Pause Button 

What was Google, Microsoft, and every other AI developer’s response?

While acknowledging the possible ethical pitfalls of artificial intelligence, they pledged to move on, albeit responsibly. 

In short, they will not be pausing the costly, resource-consuming operations that have been set in motion. Like a car that is going too fast to simply pump the breaks, tech developers choose to move forward. 

What does this mean, then, for business owners? 

Implement AI Into Your Business Sooner Than Later

Perhaps the biggest thing a business owner needs to identify right now is what tech company is the best to bet on when it comes to AI. 

And if you are hesitant about adding or upscaling AI to or in your operations, you ought to consider that your competitors most certainly will be. 

This will include automated persona modeling that will help improve marketing strategy, customer churn prediction that will streamline customer retention efforts, a myriad of supply chain solutions that will cut costs and boost profits, and much, much more. 

The Best Tech Company for AI Solutions

You are likely thinking, “alright, great, but where do I look to implement these solutions?”

The truth is that there is a lot of noise about what companies are the best for AI solutions. 

People like to mention Google and Microsoft, but that is mostly because those companies like making a show about every little advancement they make in their AI efforts. 

One AI provider that a large number of businesses have been using for over a decade now is IBM. 

You may recall IBM Watson, which won Jeopardy back in the early 2010s. That was its big public moment, the way ChatGPT had its big public moment last November, when anyone and everyone was invited to ask or request anything from the chatbot. 

But IBM Watson remains the preferred choice within so many industries (over 70% of global financial institutions employ Watson) because it has been tested to perfection over the past decade. In addition to that, it has been specifically developed to assist businesses and organizations. 

Interested in IBM Watson? You can implement a customized suite of its services when you partner with Guardian Owl Digital, through our GO AI initiative. Read on below for more details about how you can GO AI to grow your business. 

Want to Use AI for Your Business? Let’s GO. 

With ChatGPT, artificial intelligence finally had its “iPhone moment”.

Like smartphones, which were once a niche technology, AI is slowly becoming universally recognized as one of the most important and life-changing technologies of our era. 

There are many business owners out there wondering how they can take advantage of AI. What they may not know is that plenty of businesses, including their competitors, are already using AI. 

Right now, the technology is available to business owners. They just need to know where to look. 

Guardian Owl Digital has a proven track record of working with businesses through its AI and machine learning initiative, GO AI. 

GO AI, through a partnership with Findability Sciences, offers clients the services of AI platforms like IBM Watson that offer you automated marketing solutions. 

This includes TouchUp, which will tell you how your customers will receive your creative marketing materials. 

Predict+ offers up to 99% accurate predictions for important data such as customer churn rates or the prices of materials you order for your operations. 

Persona modeling offers you key cognitive insights into your customer base, enabling you to improve your marketing and customer outreach efforts based on what your customers care about. 

And that is just a few of the AI and machine learning solutions that we offer. 

From finance to manufacturing to healthcare and beyond, any and every industry, and businesses of all sizes, can benefit from our affordable AI solutions. 

So, what are you waiting for? GO AI today to grow your business. 

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