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According to a New York Times report, the recent Hollywood writers’ strike has included a new clause in the negotiations: Limits placed on the use of artificial intelligence in generating entertainment, such as A.I.-written scripts.

From writing screenplays to providing voice narration, A.I. is already proving adept at doing this job. Recently, Apple has provided an A.I. voice narration service that will narrate the text of books. Though it is presented by Apple as being for small publishers and independent authors who cannot afford to pay a human voice actor, it is not out of the realm of possibility that such A.I. will come to be preferred by larger publishers looking to save money. 

Hollywood’s Potential A.I. Screenwriters 

As A.I. content generators get better and better, the less and less companies will need to rely on humans to create entertainment. At least, that is what some studios are banking on—and what many creatives in Hollywood are fearing. 

Though Hollywood has historically been seen as a site of human creativity, the advent of generative A.I. points out an interesting question about entertainment, which is whether you really even need humans to make this stuff up – or if you can rely on A.I.-written scripts. 

Right now, it is the writers and voice actors who are concerned, but it is certainly within the realm of possibility that even the screen actors could be replaced with computer-generated humanity. 

The big question here is whether audiences will care whether or not the people they see and/or hear onscreen are actual humans. Add on to that the more “hidden” elements of entertainment, such as whether the scripts and direction are A.I.-generated, and you are looking at a pretty huge upheaval of the entertainment industry. 

Actors may have some type of safety net over A.I.-written scripts due to the “star system” that helps keep audiences engaged, but A.I.-generated actors would probably be more like cartoon characters. Or, some object of speculation that feels like something between a cartoon character and a human being. People still watch Spongebob Squarepants and the Simpsons after all these years, so there is a possibility that “A.I. actors” capture people’s attention. 

There are other questions about the very nature of entertainment to ponder, but really the most pressing issue for many people is whether A.I.’s ability to create quality entertainment can be translated into marketing. 

What Does Hollywood’s Possible Creative A.I. Future Mean for Your Business?

For business owners, perhaps the upshot of all of the concern in Hollywood about artificial intelligence’s potential impact on entertainment is whether the creative A.I. can create truly engaging content. 

The more engaging the content, the more likely it is that A.I. will be able to create ads and other marketing content, written (like the aforementioned A.I.-written scripts) or video that your customer base will respond to. 

The good news for business owners is that if A.I. can make an entertaining 2-hour movie, or full season of television, then it could most certainly create an entertaining 30-second ad. 

Another thing: Marketing content, like entertainment, often needs to hit certain “beats”, such as emphasizing a certain product name. The more effective A.I. becomes at hitting those beats, the better your marketing strategy will be. 

If you are looking for A.I. that can help improve marketing for your business today, then read on.

Want to Use AI for Your Business? Let’s GO. 

With ChatGPT, artificial intelligence finally had its “iPhone moment”.

Like smartphones, which were once a niche technology, AI is slowly becoming universally recognized as one of the most important and life-changing technologies of our era. 

There are many business owners out there wondering how they can take advantage of AI. What they may not know is that plenty of businesses, including their competitors, are already using AI. 

Right now, the technology is available to business owners. They just need to know where to look. 

Guardian Owl Digital has a proven track record of working with businesses through its AI and machine learning initiative, GO AI. 

GO AI, through a partnership with Findability Sciences, offers clients the services of AI platforms like IBM Watson that offer you automated marketing solutions. 

This includes TouchUp, which will tell you how your customers will receive your creative marketing materials. 

Predict+ offers up to 99% accurate predictions for important data such as customer churn rates or the prices of materials you order for your operations. 

Persona modeling offers you key cognitive insights into your customer base, enabling you to improve your marketing and customer outreach efforts based on what your customers care about. 

And that is just a few of the AI and machine learning solutions that we offer. 

From finance to manufacturing to healthcare and beyond, any and every industry, and businesses of all sizes, can benefit from our affordable AI solutions. 

So, what are you waiting for? GO AI today to grow your business. 

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