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The rule of technology is that everything can be improved, and what Google is seeking to improve is its most famous product: the search engine. 

Particularly, Google wants to improve its own search engine with AI. 

Now, just what would that look like? 

Google’s Search Engine, Beefed Up with AI

Recently, Google announced its own ChatGPT, which goes by the name of Bard

Right now, Google is planning on publicly debuting Bard later this year, and is currently testing it with an exclusive group of testers. 

The specific applications for Bard have not been announced, but it is likely that it will connect with the announcement about improving search engines with AI. 

So, you can expect your Google searches to become a lot more sophisticated. 


What Does AI Search Even Mean?  


What you should expect for AI search is something between a chatbot conversation and a regular Google search. 

Right now, when you type a question into Google, you will get multiple results that are ranked depending on SEO principles, such as the keywords used in a blog. 

With AI, Google’s curation methods for providing you with content will likely become much more sophisticated. An AI tool will be able to search and fact-check content, and rank according to quality.  

In addition to that, the AI agent will be able to summarize and offer you information in a way that is much quicker and easier for you to digest. 

Ultimately, the user experience of search engines will likely become easier. So, that is something to look forward to in the future. 


Using AI in Search for Your Business: Prepare for an AI “Deep Search”


Your business’ creative strategy is going to need to change if you want to keep up with Google and Microsoft’s changes to search engines and AI. 

Much of this depends on what kind of content you write. The more fact-heavy and research-oriented, the harder you’ll work. 

What this will entail is ensuring that your content can survive thorough fact-checks, and deeper investigations on the products that you sell. 


In addition to your posts, a beefed-up search engine will likely be scanning everything you link to and investigating the content there as well. 


So, if you link in a blog post to certain products that you offer, a sophisticated search engine algorithm will likely scan those pages as well, and cross-check them with competing pages for similar products. 


The benefit to all of this is that businesses will be motivated to improve their products, and creative strategies, to better reach customers. 


When AI developers create chatbots like ChatGPT, they basically train the chatbot to read basically everything that is publicly available on the Internet. Why? Because that is what AI is capable of—very quickly scanning and understanding written content using Natural Language Processing. 


You can imagine, then, how easy it will be for an AI search engine to easily read not only your post, but whatever pages you link to within the post, as well as competing posts, and judging where your output ought to stand based on quality of content. 


Key Takeaway for Your Business: Higher SEO Standards


More sophisticated AI in search engines will drive up the standards of quality for a company’s creative output. 


Keywords and backlinks will be just the beginning—imagine having a highly knowledgeable external proofreader scanning over your business’ creative output, fact-checking every claim and judging the quality of every source. 


This will be here sooner than later, so it will pay to partner with a company that is experienced in both SEO and AI marketing solutions, such as Guardian Owl Digital.


GO AI to Grow Your Business


Predicting the prices of raw materials with 99% accuracy. Finding out your customer churn rate well in advance. Analyzing your marketing materials to find out where viewers’ eyes will go, and in what order. 


Guardian Owl Digital knows that AI is not the future—it is right now. And right now, businesses everywhere are making use of their data with AI platforms. 


If you are interested in leveraging automated stock market analysts to grow your business, then reach out to Guardian Owl Digital today. 


GO AI is our artificial intelligence initiative that offers you cutting-edge AI tools through our partnership with Findability Sciences. 


We offer everything from automated chatbots that can converse with your customer base, to advertising programs that use computer vision to optimize your creative marketing strategies. 


Let’s GO.


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