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Pinterest SEO in 2019

Why You’re Business Should Be Using Pinterest In 2019

Fifty percent of people made a purchase after seeing a Promoted pin and 67% say they’ve discovered a new brand or product from content on the network.

If your ideal client or buyer uses Pinterest in their every day “micro moments” of life, this search engine ad buy may be for you in 2019.

While Facebook has increased focus on engaging with their users and building community,  Pinterest operates as a digital scrapbook allowing users to build their own closets, homes, and more.

Need inspiration for a design project? Look it up on Pinterest! There are a lot of potential ideas that might inspire you. Furthermore, the website allows you to ‘pin’ ideas as a means of bookmarking them and organize them into ‘boards’ for easier access.

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 Pinterest SEO in 2019

Pinterest and Marketing. No Way, That’s Not My Customer

Hear us out.

Pinterest holds big authority as a referral traffic source to your business website.  The “pins” themselves are usually accelerated mobile pages and rank high within Google.  Additionally, it can be a great visual tool for marketing your business and one of the best sources of referral traffic.

Start by creating an exclusive account for your brand or business. Pinterest offers an option of joining as a business, which makes it more specific to other users.

With this, you can then create a ‘board’ relevant to your business so that potential customers and consumers have a one-stop information board they can use in case they need it.

Remember that Pinterest is still a social media website, so interact with other users as much as you can and always be responsive.

If you are just starting your Pinterest profile for your business or brand, do not expect that people will be all over your boards. It will take a lot of time and patience to get your brand to be known by other users.

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