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ChatGPT has been releasing plug-ins that business owners everywhere should be taking advantage of. 

However, the plug-ins are only available for ChatGPT Plus subscribers. 

Are these plug-ins worth the price of admission? And what plug-ins should business owners be using? We go into it all below, so read on to find out more about ChatGPT plug-ins. 

ChatGPT Plus Is Worth It for Business Owners

When ChatGPT first announced its Plus feature, which users had to pay for, there was perhaps not much motivation to upgrade to the paid subscription. This is because OpenAI simply offered paying users prioritized access whenever the systems became too busy. 

However, business owners who opted out of subscribing to ChatGPT Plus should definitely reconsider, because OpenAI has been offering bountiful features to sweeten the deal. 

The plug-ins are perhaps the biggest motivators, currently, to upgrade to ChatGPT Plus. 

What Do These Plug-Ins Do? 

If you are familiar with Google Chrome, then you likely have implemented a plug-in or two there. Examples of those plug-ins may include ad blockers or “dark mode” filters that make the browsing experience easier on the eyes. 

What these plug-ins do, ultimately, is enhance the user experience. So it is with ChatGPT Plus plug-ins. 

A big benefit of plug-ins is that it helps ChatGPT Plus users access more recent information. 

How the user experience is enhanced depends on just what plug-ins you decide to implement. We will go into some of the most notable plug-ins below. 

What ChatGPT Plus Plug-Ins Are The Most Useful for Business Owners?

The plug-ins that business owners are going to want to implement are all related to SEO. 

This is because business owners that use ChatGPT are likely going to be using the chatbot to generate content for their website. 

Whether it is blogs or landing pages, you are going to want ChatGPT to produce content that is in line with current SEO practices. This includes putting up-to-date keywords—the words and phrases that your potential clients are entering into search bars—in your content. 

Keyword Research Plug-Ins

Let us start with keyword research, then. Examples of keyword research plug-ins include What’s Trending and Noteable.

Typically, these keyword research tools are going to require existing data sets, such as SEMRush data about your website. 

Once you plug in that data, a keyword research plug-in will be able to further identify what keywords it should include in content to better rank.

Keywords are one of the most important ingredients for effective SEO, which is why you should most certainly be using a keyword research plug-in. 

Create Content Briefs

There is more than one way to succeed in using ChatGPT. One of the things we recommend is giving detailed instructions to the chatbot. A great way to do so is by offering ChatGPT a full-blown outline for a blog. 

You can generate detailed outlines in the form of “content briefs”, which the plug-in Bramework will do for you. 

These content briefs are super-detailed, outlining everything from target audience to the writing’s tone. 

All you need to give Bramework is just a simple prompt that will create the content brief. Then, from there, use that content brief to ask ChatGPT for a full-length blog that is based on that brief. 

Another of our best practices for getting the most out of ChatGPT is to not just take the first result that it gives you. If ChatGPT does not achieve the content length specified in the content brief given to it, then ask for ChatGPT to expand the article. 

SERP and Competitor Analyses

This is another one that Bramework is excellent at. Bramework is like an all-around tool, an SEO Swiss Army Knife of a chatbot plug-in. 

Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) analysis is essential for actually finding out how SEO efforts are doing on the world wide web. 

Letting an automated plug-in like Bramework do this work will help you immensely, because you will be able to quickly identify what is working, and what is really not working, in your SEO efforts. 

The same goes for competitor analysis, which can show you easily who is winning on the web, and who is not. And, more importantly, why the SEO superstars are winners, and why the SEO bronze medalists are losing the race to the search engine’s first results page. 

A.I. Plug-Ins for Your Business

It is not just ChatGPT that can benefit from automated plug-ins. In fact, most A.I. services for business owners operate very much like these plug-ins. They are simple to install and use, and from there will help you immensely in optimizing your operations. 

Guardian Owl Digital offers business owners A.I. tools that you can “plug in” and watch bring actionable predictions and insights for your business. Interested in learning more? GO AI today to transform your business with artificial intelligence. 

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