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Sounds easy enough. Just figure out what your customer is thinking, and lay the bait. The click bait. (That was a terrible pun, so let’s focus on this week’s topic instead.) Every mantra you’ve heard about getting into the mind of your customers is true: You need to think like them. You need to get inside their heads. You need to solve a problem, not just sell them something. You need to educate them about their needs. You need to be their friend. You need to read their minds. You need to eliminate their risks and objections.

First things first. Let’s focus on helping your customers find you. There is plenty of time later to worry about all that other stuff. Customers come to you in a variety of ways online, with the most popular being through search engines. The main goal of positioning your company online is to make it as easy as possible for customers to find you. However, SEO (search engine optimization) is not as easy as it seems. If you aren’t an expert in SEO yourself, or don’t have someone on your team dedicated to the task, you may be better outsourcing those efforts. In other words, there’s no point in setting up shop if people cannot find your (virtual) front door.

What happens once they’ve landed on your website? Now it’s best to focus on other clichés, such as ‘people buy from people they trust.’ This means you lay the groundwork for trust, which is built through education and exposure. Blogging, for example, is a great way to educate customers and build exposure. Reviews and testimonials are also great ways to both build trust and gain exposure. Again, if you are not an expert blogger, leave it to the pros. Spend what little time you have wisely, which is probably best spent educating your soon-to-be loyal customers.

Please contact us so we can solve your SEO and client engagement problems. We’ve been in the minds of our customers, and our results speak for themselves.