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There are plenty of ways to get your data out there. If you run a business to business (B2B) organization, it can be tricky to get the right attention through your data. There are multiple ways that have proven effective in ensuring that your brand reaches the people and businesses that need it. In this article, we’ll be focusing on a few effective ways that a B2B’s user data can be leveraged.

Local News Stories

It’s always great to get featured by a national publication, but there’s an often neglected way to get your brand out there: local news. There may be less glory in getting featured in a local publication, but there are more practical and immediate benefits. Chief among them is that the primary audience consists of people that have a strong connection to the area in which the data applies.

Here’s an example: You run a travel review website. You can find, from your data, what the most popular travel destinations around the world are. There’s a local paper in your area that covers travel quite a bit. You take your data of users in your state and gather the preferences of locals between going to Destin or Seaside for their spring break. You can pitch this data to the travel-interested paper, who will cite you as a source in their article.

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