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Amplify your search success with cutting-edge SEO contractors!

Of all of the moving pieces that work together to support a digital marketing strategy, SEO is undoubtedly among the most complex and challenging elements to master.

In SEO recruitment, we recognize that SEO is a demanding, yet necessary component for any organization to prioritize. And if your team knows anything about ranking in search, you know that content marketing plays an integral part in driving SEO (and vice versa).

In today’s digital world, the value of content simply cannot be overstated – especially when organically ranking in SERPs. Because of this, SEO recruiters know that finding experienced SEO contractors who encompass sophisticated skills is critical in maintaining a strong digital presence.

There are two key trends on the rise in SEO recruitment brands must keep a close eye on – mobile and voice search. Growing organic search traffic should continue to be a priority for brands, as voice search and mobile present great opportunities for driving SEO like never before.

These trends have caught notable attention over the recent years, but are set to claim their rightful spots in search in the near future. Your organization must have the right team and support in place to stay on top of trends and satisfy search engines and web users alike.

SEO Recruiters: It’s a Mobile-First World

With over 4 billion mobile phone users today, it’s imperative brands equip their sites with mobile-apt capabilities – not doing so will severely hinder SEO and user experience. With the majority of search queries today coming from mobile, it’s necessary to optimize your content and ensure it’s mobile-ready to provide maximum user experience. This means optimizing the design of your site to ensure it’s easy to navigate, easily readable, and loads quickly.

Google’s mobile-first index is in testing, meaning the search engine will take into account mobile versions of websites before desktop. Thus, SEO recruiters highly encourage brands to ensure that all of their content exists on their mobile sites. And it’s equally important that your site pages are loading fast without causing your visitors to bounce. Users don’t have the patience to wait for a site to load – whether on mobile or desktop – and user experience is the first factor for search algorithm. By creating a seamless experience across all channels, you make the customer experience and journey as smooth as possible.

Is Your SEO Team Equipped to Master Accelerated Mobile Pages?

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) is Google’s open-source initiative that allows sites to serve super-light versions of web pages on mobile devices. It optimizes the process for mobile content creation and is a great way to boost site speed and drive rankings on mobile. In SEO recruitment, we know that implementing AMPs is no simple task and recommend organizations to rely on SEO contractors that are highly technically skilled.

Does Your SEO Strategy Include Local Search?

Mobile users frequently conduct local search and expect quick and valuable results. For instance, if someone in Atlanta is searching for “marketing recruitment firm,” we expect MarketPro to show up on the first page and in local search results. Optimize your brand’s site for local SEO to better serve your audience. Make sure that your team has an effective strategy for building citations and making the most out of you listing in Google My Business.

The Rise of Voice Search in SEO Recruitment

SEO consultants firmVoice search is still fairly new in SEO recruitment, and is on a continuous rise. And no, it isn’t just a temporary digital fad – but 62% of marketers still have no particular plans for the rise of voice search.

Google states that 20% of all searches come from voice search, but SEO recruiters predict that number will quickly grow this year. In fact, key voice search technology like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa have soared in popularity. They allow customers to use them without having to directly type a query in or even touching the screen, simplifying the user experience.

Voice search is a great way to improve your site’s rankings with cutting-edge technology and top SEO contractors in place. Digital marketers who are familiar with voice search optimization and know how to produce content to support it are going to prove to be highly valuable.

SEO recruitment experts believe organizations who optimize their content for voice search will be far ahead of the competition. In order to make the most of voice search, SEO recruitment agencies encourage marketing leaders to create a strategy that integrates both voice and typed content to reach the full potential.

Tips to boost voice search

  • Do your research: SEO recruiters suggest CMOs encourage their teams to use voice search and experiment with it as much as possible. Marketers will get a good understanding of the types of pages Google ranks the highest, and can get good insights of how to structure their own content.
  • Structure your content to serve your audience: the majority of voice search queries are conversational, so it’s important for your SEO experts to tailor content to be suited for natural voice responses. Natural language shows intent more strongly, and should be managed by selecting keywords that are strongly based on user intent. Traditional search queries consist of a few words but voice searches tend to be full sentences.
  • Keep an eye on the roll out of speakable markup. When goes live in 2018, make sure your SEO team is equipped to thoroughly test it out and design and effective implementation strategy.


As an SEO recruitment agency, we understand that driving SEO and building a team to support it is not a simple task. But with expert talent acquisition and creative execution, your organization has the potential to maximize developments in technology, search algorithms, and the way consumers convert to build a strategic competitive advantage and get ahead of the competition.

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Source: How to Prepare Your Marketing Team for Mobile and Voice Search Takeover