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Why organic SEO is not enough and if you want to rank high in search engines you need to do more to grow your online business without just relying on social media

Are you wondering if you should invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to grow your online business? Just Google “Is SEO dead?” and you will get more than 10 million references. In this article, Eddie Madan, CEO of Edkent Media – a digital marketing agency and Toronto web design company shares his views on why you should invest in SEO and digital marketing to get a better return on investment.

Eddie Madan believes that SEO is far from dead. However, he agreed that SEO has changed so radically that people should learn to consider it as more of a branding initiative, and less of a marketing scheme.

Being impartial to this inference and contrary to what you may have heard, organic SEO is yet not dead for many businesses. Many international companies, including the SEO agencies, are still making an improved commitment to investing in the making of a robust and SEO-optimized Web setup that is friendly with the search engines, provided the engines remain dedicated to improving their algorithms with time.

Here are top seven justifications for considering an organic SEO investment for your online business:

1. It Is Still Effective!

Even today, the techniques of boosting Search Engine Optimization still work, as the search engines still consider the On-page and off page SEO. Many case studies have confirmed this, which were conducted after the release of Hummingbird.

According to Eddie, focusing on optimizing the user experience through proper Search Engine Optimization methods and strategies is likely to reward one with a higher rank as well as organic traffic.

2. There Is No Sign of SEO Ending Soon!

Well, SEO is not likely to regarding effectiveness anytime soon. One can conclude this inference by keeping track of how search engines are growing in terms of algorithmic domination.  Nowadays, Matt Cutts, former head of spam at Google seems to appear only a few times with some breaking news.

These days, the results of even multimedia content rely finally on keywords. So, the growth is like this: From content to images to videos. This progress points to the sustained success of the SEO techniques.

3. It Is Quite Affordable!

It is a myth that Search Engine Optimization is costly. It might appear to be so initially, but it is not so in the long run. Unlike other digital techniques of marketing such as social media promotion and PPC advertising, SEO provides a significant amount of returns. PPC might provide more returns, and social media might boost your image, but organic SEO is a multi-dimensional core of your online presence.

4. Nobody Can Ignore the Trending Local and Mobile SEO.

The recent trend in the world of SEO is for the local and mobile search optimization. As a forecast, experts predict that the amount of traffic to mobile devices shall exceed that of conventional desktops soon. The growing importance of mobile and local are another indicator that several new efficient techniques should focus more on mobile responsive sites. As mobile becomes a hot area for Search Engine Optimization, we see another reason why optimization is far from dead.

5. Search Engines Are Increasingly Becoming a Reliable Way to Find Information and Things.

Almost around 80-90% of customers are using search engines to look for online reviews before making a purchase. This figure itself says how reliable and handy the search engines are! Even in future; this number is likely to increase, as there is no other fierce competitor at present to overcome search engines.

So, no business would like to leave search engines when it comes to locating them online and buying their products and services. If your online business is one of these, organic SEO is the only healthy way to make it easy for your customers to find you online rather than to find your competitors.

6. Your Competitors are Still Relying on Organic.

Practically, SEO is an everlasting process. If you believe that SEO will end soon or has ended, you are likely to stop all strategies for improving your position and grabbing a higher rank. So, what does this mean? Directly, you are halting the progress of your online business. Indirectly, you smooth the way for your competitor to lead online. Certainly, you would not like to do this by ignoring this valuable tool, would you?

7. Only SEO Optimized Websites Drives Healthy and Updated Content.

Imagine a Web site residing online with the same content and look for a few years. The stale look is likely to lessen your interest in navigating the site-  a good website constantly needs maintenance and upgrades of content. This new content can come in the form of new releases, new offers, new images and videos, new color themes, and so on.

Other digital marketing techniques such as PPC and social media marketing are not that useful in updating the content comprehensively on different pages. However, this is something that organic SEO encourages you to do.

Nobody can deny the harmful effects of unhealthy, stale content. Bad content will not only cause you to lose your customers but also your good brand image in the eyes of search engines. Every updated search engine algorithm tends to see an updated site with more respect.

New content, new look, new sharing icons all add to the feel that you want your customers to keep coming back to visit. Search engines love to see returning visitors and will give them a higher ranking for returning visitors.

Well, this is another reason why organic SEO is still worthy of your business investment.

In fact, spending significant time, effort, as well as a reasonable amount of money in organic Search Engine Optimization has become more critical than before. Money and time spent on SEO are worth it, despite the fact that lack of organic keyword data is proving to be somewhat problematic.

Your online business marketing is certainly in need of a useful Search Engine Optimization strategy without which it may become stagnant or futile. In short, organic SEO still deserves to be one of the critical constituents of efforts for online branding.

Source: Organic SEO Is Not Enough For You online business To Rank High In Search Engines