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Although human behavior has been analyzed as long as there have been humans around to observe other humans, the term ‘social proof’ is the latest concept that our own behavior is impacted by the actions, attitudes, and beliefs of other people. It’s human nature to believe that, if a lot of other people feel a specific way about a product, service, website, or store, then it must be something we’d enjoy too. The aspects of social proof include:

  • Expertise of Merchant
  • Celebrity/Influencer Endorsement
  • Customer Reviews
  • User Volume
  • Friends and Family Testimonials

This means that your marketing efforts need to be personalized and engaging for your current customers. When your customers feel like you know them, and that they can trust that you are an expert in your industry, they will tell others about you. Bottom line: anything that builds credibility is quite an asset in today’s environment where consumers are drowning in spam, gimmicks, and false information.

Shopping online is difficult for many users because there is no way to touch the product. The tactile experience a customer has with the product in their hands is proof enough for them. But when looking to buy online, they need proof that they’re making the right decision. They do this by reading reviews, investigating the popularity of the product, or checking out the seller’s reputation. All of these activities provide affirmation that the choice they’re about to make is the right choice.

As your company’s marketing expert, the duty falls to you to promote your products/services. Focus on endorsements in the form of reviews, testimonials, and the sheer volume of users. Also be sure to advertise any accolades, awards, or achievements your firm has received. This ‘professional’ type of referral can boost your reputation exponentially.

An SEO expert, such as Guardian Owl, can help your business analyze your customers’ behavior. Contact us today to use our expertise to your advantage.