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YouTube isn’t just for Fortnite replays and recipe tutorials. It can be a valuable tool in your SEO arsenal. Now that practically any mobile device is video capable, and are surpassing TVs and computers in watch statistics, videos are a necessary component of your company’s online marketing efforts.

Perhaps the most important element in developing a video campaign isn’t the videos, but the pre-planning involved. Pre-planning includes:

  • Keyword research: hopefully, your SEO partner can help with this piece by performing keyword research parallel to the research that has already been performed for your website
  • Autocomplete options: this feature on YouTube points out which keywords are the most popular pairings with the keywords you’ve assembled from step 1, above
  • Competitive research: just as you did when you built your website, you’ll need to check out your competition’s YouTube channels

Once you’ve filmed your video, you may want to consider professional video editing. You want your video to convey the proper image for your company, and an amateurish video will lose credibility points, possibly doing more harm than good to your online marketing efforts. Editing tools include iMovie, Blender, and Corel VideoStudio.

Armed with your research and a stellar video recording, the next step is to create a title and thumbnail that will catch a consumer’s attention. They are basically the trailer that encourages viewers to click on your video instead of your competition’s. However, it’s important to walk the fine line between compelling and flashy. Think about what personally catches your eye, what you would be inspired to watch. You have plenty of options when choosing professional thumbnail development tools, including Canva, FotoJet, and Snappa.

Once you build a robust channel and add video content, it’s important to track viewer statistics. Luckily, YouTube’s analytics package can slice your viewer data in a variety of ways. And the good news: it’s free. Some important metrics to analyze:

  • Watch Time: the estimated total minutes spent viewing your content
  • Real-Time report: this report helps you discover spikes in views, which suggests someone has shared your video with a new audience
  • Traffic Sources page: This displays various sources of traffic, along with the total amount per source, which reveals how your viewers are finding your videos

Partner with your SEO firm to best utilize the data you’ve gathered, both through your YouTube channel, and your website. You can then perfect your online marketing efforts to realize the best value of your time and talent.