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Has the idea of running a blog on your website been on the backburner? If you are like most entrepreneurs, the answer is “yes, for an embarrassingly long time.” But who has the time or mental capacity to sit down and think up a topic, let alone write a clever article about said topic? As with all business clichés, there is some truth to “you gotta spend money to make money.” The same clichéd rule applies to blogging too.

When the time constraints you have as a business owner just won’t allow you to tackle blogging yourself, consider outsourcing this very important piece of your marketing puzzle. Blogs tie in many different aspects of your brand, including:

  • Streamlines content for multiple social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, etc.)
  • Drives traffic to your website
  • Personalizes/humanizes your company
  • Builds credibility, both with customers and within the industry
  • Increases your SEO performance

Think of it as a linear event, with circuitous benefits, with your blog as the starting point. Your blog entry is written, and then posted to various ports on the web. Potential customers read it, and click on a link back to your site. Once at your site, they learn more about the people and products behind the brand. They are inspired to do some online research, which in turn drives up search results. The customer ends up purchasing your product or service. They post a review online. They tell their friends. They share your URL. They repost or forward your blog. Other potential customers see it, and then they travel that linear marketing road, over and over.

Another added benefit of all of this activity is that it can be tracked. Working with a web optimization firm to cull that data definitely pays off. Together, you can analyze the data and determine how and where to invest your advertising dollars.

Want to learn more about how the pros handle all of this for you? Please contact us today.