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As effective as traditional marketing is, it can’t always provide brands with the much-needed publicity they want to succeed in this fast-paced generation. Now that technology is continuously advancing, businesses of all shapes and sizes have developed and innovated ways to approach consumers and customers. One method that has grown with the rise of technology is the word of mouth approach now given a brand new name called influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is more than just a trend today. Most businesses rely on the power that influencers have over their fans and followers. It is expected that influencer marketing is more likely to continue thriving because of how effective it is. The question now is – what is the future of influencer marketing? Take note business owners, as we give you information on the future of influencer marketing. Read below for more details.

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What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing–like typical or traditional marketing–is a marketing approach done by business owners to increase their market and attract consumers. It is the process of using a social media influencer to endorse, promote, and support your content or brand. When we say “social media influencer,” we mean someone who carries a powerful presence on social media platforms. Someone who has a large enough following to influence others to buy what he or she might endorse, hence the term influencer marketing.

Future of Influencer Marketing

Just as technology can be unpredictable, so can the future of influencer marketing, depending on technology and the audience. Here are some of our ideas that may help you navigate an uncertain future in influencer marketing.

1. Diversify Your Influencers

We often think that the more powerful an influencer is or how many followers they have, the more influence and power he or she has over their fans. Although this is true, the future of influencer marketing does not require you to invest in a famous social media influencer. Since influencers nowadays vary in all levels, it pays to invest in budding influencers as well.

2. Influencers Must be Authentic

The entire field of marketing becomes tiresome when branding or products are constantly repeated. Influencer marketing became effective because of its authenticity when it first started. However, now, the trust between consumers and influencers has been slowly fading because of how predictable and rehearsed their promotions can be. Influencers should be more authentic when it comes to endorsing and promoting to keep up with the demands of consumers.

3. Video Content by Influencers Will Rise

Live videos and video engagements by social media influencers are common nowadays, and it is expected that these will soon be used to market potential customers. Live content will also promote the authenticity consumers demand from these influencers. Most social media platforms have included a live video feature as part of their apps, making it easier for influencer marketing.

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