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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is really crucial if your business relies on or utilizes online traffic in order to be successful. Online businesses and shops, blogs, websites or any other thing found on the internet depend on search engine optimization so that more internet users will visit their website.

However, SEO is not easy to do. It takes skill, familiarization, and a whole lot of patience to do it right. Because of this, website owners use search engine optimization tools to help them with their SEO needs. But, living in this modern world, there are now a lot of SEO tools readily available online. And we know that you only want the best for your business, which is why we are here to round up the best SEO tools for you and your business. We will be giving an extensive explanation of each SEO tool and why they are considered the best.

Best SEO Tools

1. Google SEO Tools

It is only fair that the number one search engine in the world is also the best when creating search engine optimization tools. Google creates one of the most outstanding tools when it comes to search engine optimization. Google Keyword Planner, Google Search Console, and Google Analytics are some of the few tools you can use on Google.

You can easily research keywords using Google Keyword Planner, fix technical and any other issues with Search Console, analyze data using Google Analytics and input them all in Google Sheets. It is that easy!

Moreover, if you are a beginner in the world of search engine optimization, then Google SEO tools is recommended for you because of their simple interface and user-friendly mechanics.

2. Moz Local Listing Score

The competition for online traffic is really fierce, especially if you are trying to compete on a national or even international level. It grows every year, making it fiercer and fiercer

over time. One of the things you can do is compete more locally in order to increase your standing.

This specific SEO tool uses data from over fifteen different sources to ‘score’ your business. It also includes some actions to fix your incomplete listings. Moz Local Listing Score searches sites like Facebook, Foursquare, and Google to make an in-depth analysis of your total score.

This SEO tool is a must use for everyone out there.

3. SEOQuake

SEOQuake is one of the most popular toolbar extensions used by millions of SEO tools on the internet. One of its main features is its ability to view multiple parameters of search engine tools at the same time, save the information for future use, and compare them for upcoming projects.

Although this is not recommended for someone fairly new to SEO, it is great for someone with an adept experience and exposure. SEOQuake is really amazing when it comes to detail and ability.

Some other features of SEOQuake includes; backlinks, Facebook likes, a website’s Google index update, Bing index, etc

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