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With today’s digital age and rapid advancement in technology, it’s no surprise that we have evolved from analog interfaces to touchscreen capabilities and now, to more hands-free technology. Voice search and SEO are just some of the evidence supporting this fact. In today’s wave of device releases, AI–or artificial intelligence–technology is readily made available to the masses. One of the benefits is the ability to pick up a command just by the user’s voice instead of typing it, further amplifying its importance to SEO.

AI Assisted Search and Its Language

Almost everyone in today’s age has a smartphone, and most of these devices already have voice-assisted search capabilities. This roughly translates into the general public being able to utilize AI search just by using their voice. This applies to queries and command that can be answered by AIs such as Siri and Alexa.

Artificial intelligence technology makes use of language differently if compared to the way users search for queries in a search engine. For instance, users can use a non-sentence in search engines; however, proper sentence structures are more likely used in voice search.

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Impact on Businesses

More and more people are using voice-assisted search to hasten the process of having their queries answered. Those queries usually include questions about locations and spots of businesses as well as the services that they offer, which certainly has compelled the business sector to adapt to this technology as well. Taking extra measures such as improving accessibility to their uses is just among the necessary upgrade that businesses should implement in their management.

Impact on SEO

Even if there’s a massive takeover of voice search over text-based ones, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there will be a wipeout of the latter – it just says means that adaptation to such technology should be given more attention. The use of language when it comes to the length of queries and their intent dramatically differs in voice-assisted search; and with it, the problems and opportunities that it presents to SEO.

SEO Strategies for Voice Search

One way to improve your business’ site with the intent of adapting is to use current statistics, and tailor your site to cater to what those statistics indicate or imply. Since search engines utilize factors such as SSL, site speed, and reviews, it’s important that you put your site on the radar of voice search engines. One of the most effective ways to optimize your site for voice search is to put yourself in the shoes of your common user and design your site as though it is what your consumers expect. Speaking their language is the key. Many strategies are accessible and up for adaptation – it just depends on your site’s intent to adapt according to your user’s needs. To learn more about the different strategies, click here.