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It’s a known fact that the attention span of your targeted online audience is dismally short. We live in an age of visual culture. Like short videos, art and graphic images can still captivate, entertain and convey your message in just a few quick minutes. Images can also help your audience grow and doesn’t just extend your message in the most compelling format, but it also promotes your business in ways you didn’t realize. If you want to promote and market your online business through images take a look at the 4 ways you can do this for your business.

Use Vector graphics to promote products

Many businesses nowadays are printing their images and photos into tangiblevector images they can use as giveaways or bundle with a pre-existing package as part of their branding. The options for this are endless: T-shirts, mugs, tote bags, keyrings, bookmarks, postcards. Vector images are based on vector graphics, or using geometrical shapes that are then relayed as images in computer graphics. Vector images can handle a higher resolution scale as opposed to a bitmap image which has a lower resolution.

Use relevant images in your social media marketing

Reading through text can be tedious. Nobody has time to read through pages and pages of text. You’ll be lucky if they read your heading! A relevant pimage can market your brand and boost your business over time. According to this site, “inan ecommerce site, 67% of consumers say the quality of a product image is “very important” in selecting and purchasing a product.” This means that engagement online starts at the visual level. All kinds of images can be incorporated including infographics, which can summarize your products in a “how-to” format which adds value to your business. These images can later be shared on social media.

Choose high quality images that people will want to share

According to a study results shared on this site, the engagement rate with Facebook posts by type was 37% with an image and 31% with a video. The key however is to choose high quality images that will compel others to share. Some graphic design images have a lower resolution than others so it’s best to choose one with a higher resolution that will show up well on a website. There are many high quality images that can be Googled – some for free and some are minimally priced. Don’t skimp this area!

Anchor Your Images with SEO

You’ll want to get the “biggest bang for your buck” by using search engine optimization and conducting keyword research for captions. This area tends to get overlooked quite quickly, but this bit of time and thought can eventually help move your static website into a highly ranked one by the search engines.

As you can see, images plays a tremendous role in marketing and promoting your business so it’s best to not overlook this piece and allocate appropriate marketing resources and time to incorporate the right images that speak to your target audience.

Source: 4 Ways to Promote and Market Your Online Business Using Images | Huffington Post