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What is the return on investment for B2B companies when they spend on Google AdWords search advertising?

To find out, Bizible examined 1H16 data from 120 B2B companies in six industries. The researchers obtained a wide range of information from each firm, including monthly lead count, lead count attributable to AdWords, revenue, marketing spend, AdWord spend, and projected future revenue.

The share of leads brought in by AdWords and the ultimate impact on revenue varies significantly from industry to industry, the analysis found.

For the marketing agencies examined, AdWords spend is responsible for just over 20% of all leads and just under 10% of all revenue, on average.

For B2B financial services firms, AdWords is responsible for more than 30% of leads and revenue.

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The average ROI for marketing agencies on AdWords buys 30 days after the spend is just over 200%; for software companies it is closer to 100%

Projected ROI, which takes into account the expected impact on revenue of AdWords spend beyond 30 days, jumps to over 300% for marketing agencies and to more than 200% for software companies.

About the research: The report was based on 1H16 data from 120 B2B companies in six industries.

Source: Search Engine Marketing – The ROI of AdWords Spend for B2B Firms : MarketingProfs Article