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SEO For Dealerships

SEO For Car Dealerships

We understand that the automotive industry is among the fastest-moving and growing industries to compete in. Providing seo service that differentiates yourself from the competition is difficult and time-consuming and to take it upon yourself to bear the load of managing an online presence can lead to undue stress and distraction from important personal and professional goals.That’s where the owls swoop in.
At Guardian Owl Digital, you’ll find an agency dedicated to providing high-quality SEO, original content in the form of blogs and copywriting, professionally-made video work, and more. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to get ahead in the industry.  

Despite the Automotive Industry typically being ahead of the curve, in digital marketing we’ve found “SEO in Automotive dealerships” is a little like a used car. 

Most sites need some “reconditioning” and ultimately, are depreciated and owners believe their SEO is of more value than the market day supply.

Our Founder, Jenna Ahern, hails from the competitive Automotive Industry.  In fact, she left a six figure position with Cox Automotive to bring education, REAL SEO, and transparency to the digital marketing arena.

SEO for Automotive dealers can be tricky and has been disguised for years as keyword rankings & blog posts.  Were here to end that and take your dealership to the next level online.

“Our company has used Guardian Owl for our Google ad campaigns, social media and video production for 2 years now, and we couldn’t be happier. A recent success story from our Google strategy….a customer in New Jersey googled “12 foot box truck chevy gmc” and our website with the right truck popped up in the first 3 results! He reached out, flew to Louisville, KY, and is a happy customer. I highly recommend Guardian Owl. “

Bob Hook Chevrolet