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Job titles, and most certainly, what a job title entails, vary widely from company to company. Even industry-specific classifications – such as Coder, Developer, Programmer, or Software Engineer – are not consistent in the Information Technology field.

Not to oversimplify it, but these titles might best be viewed in a hierarchal sense. A Coder is more of an entry-level position, and usually has the least amount of education and experience. A coder’s main mission is to write the technical code for software programs.

The titles Developer and Programmer are often used interchangeably to mean a mid-level professional who not only does the application programming, but also manages various stages of a software development project, including user testing and interface development.

A software engineer manages entire projects from start to finish, including assigning work to coders, designing solutions, and actually implementing the finished product.

While you might personally have zero interest in pursuing a career in any of these niches, you might find yourself needing some IT-related assistance. How do you know who to ask? That very much depends on the level of assistance needed. If you want help learning a new software program, a website such as JustAnswer.com might be all the help you need. If your company needs occasional help, but you can’t justify the expense of hiring a dedicated IT resource, a website such as Guru.com might help you find a freelancer to partner with on an as-needed basis. You may even want to send out a call for help via social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), asking friends, family, and colleagues for help and suggestions on finding someone who can help you with your current IT-related needs.

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