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People nowadays make the common mistake of creating content for their websites without any intention of optimizing for search engines. When in fact, creating content for any website requires the consideration of using keywords and any other factor needed for successfully optimizing content for search engines. One way to improve brand recognition and increase your website’s online traffic is by optimizing your content.

Whenever we create unique content for a website, be it a blog post or just a simple caption, we should remember that our main goal is for people to easily find it on the internet based on the search engine keyword string. But it is not that easy and simple to do, which is why we are here to give you a quick crash course on optimizing your content for various search engines.

Content Creation and SEO

If you’re asking if SEO and content creation are integrated or not, the answer is no. While the creation of content and SEO are not integrated, it does not mean that they are not connected. In fact, SEO and content creation go hand in hand. They overlap, go together, and blend. It is impossible to have a successful content marketing without successful SEO, so why do people believe that these two are separated?

The problem lies in the belief that there is a disconnection between content creation and SEO. But, people overlook the fact that you need to be successful in one aspect (search engine optimization) in order to be successful in the other (content creation).

Here are some reasons why SEO and content creation overlap with each other:

  • Content creation fulfills the requirements of SEO

Search engine optimization shows the requirements needed for it to be successful but it can’t provide on its own. Content creation fulfills this requirement through the creation of content.

  • Content creation provides content that SEO demands

SEO cannot exist without content. In order for SEO to be out there doing its job, it needs content as a bridge. And whenever SEO demands content, content is always there to provide whatever SEO needs.

  • SEO demands keywords that content creation provides

One thing that SEO needs the most is keywords. Keywords are really essential in optimization since a website’s usage of certain keywords will determine its ranking and online traffic. The only way to successfully use keywords from SEO is to strategically place them all throughout your content, making both SEO and content creation mutually responsible for it.

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Tips for Optimizing Your Content

Here are some tips for directly optimizing your content when creating them.

1. Decide on keywords you want your content to rank for.

Using an SEO tool, you can look for a keyword that you want to rank up your article for.

2. Optimize your content title.

Make sure to use your keyword or keywords at least once in the title.

3. Use keywords naturally. Do not overdo it.

Do not make it a habit to overdo your keyword in the article. Place them naturally while making sure that they are not placed out of order.

4. Link other related pages to your website.

To make it more credible, link other pages to your website. This way, you can also avoid ‘duplicate content’ that Google penalizes.