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SEO is an integral part of the industry that is one of the factors to your success. There are SEO companies that offer high-quality services that help you in the long run with your lead generation and sales. However, these high-quality companies tend to go overboard with their hiring fees and with your limited budget, it might be impossible to hire an SEO company. So of course, one of the best things you can do if you’re running low on budget, but would still want to utilize SEO to gain more leads, is to do the SEO yourself. Hiring might cost you a lot, so you should go for a free option where you can use your intellect to build your site from scratch.

Here are tips on how to do the SEO yourself especially if you’re running a small business that does not have enough budget for high-quality SEO companies and agencies but still want a high-quality site that can soar through the skies.

Learn All About Your Target Audience

Why is it important to know your audience when wanting to optimize SEO? The answer to this question is simple, and that is because you must do the necessary things to attract the people who might be interested in what you’re offering. Your website is created for the sole purpose of attracting customers and letting them know about the services you’re providing.

Start by learning about their personal information such as age range, general gender, why they want to buy, and their average annual income. You can get all of these by merely peering into the minds of other people and putting yourself in the shoes of a consumer who clicks on your website.

Learn all About Keywords and Planning to use them

If you learn all about your target audience, you can also determine the vocabulary they would like to use when using the search engines. Think of them as people who would like to simplify their lives, since no one wants to search for jargon-loaded sites that they can barely understand. Some websites can tell you what the highest-ranking keywords are or long-tail phrases that can rank your website higher than others. Most likely, the keywords are of low jargons and rely more on basic language usage.

• Longtail phrases are keywords that contain more descriptive words than the base word. Attaching words can narrow down the search engines to your site, so it’s best to use them rather than the simple words. For example, instead of merely using “car” you could opt for “high-quality car services” to narrow down the topic.

Applying the Keywords and Managing the SEO

Now that you know your target audience is and the keywords you are supposed to use, its high time to implement them.

• URL and outside sources – You have to make sure that the URL of your website contains these keywords. It’s not just URLs, but also the meta description and the SEO title so that they may be a guide to what your website indeed offers.

• Title – Just like in every sector that involves writing, the title of your blog is highly significant and relevant to SEO writing. You have to include keywords and longtail phrases, but avoid hurting the entirety of the title in the process.

• External links – If you’re using external links, you must make sure that these websites are high-ranking when it comes to domain authority. If the links you’re using are found to be credible, it will shoot you up in the rankings.

• Images – Even if they’re not searchable, you must maintain a person’s interest the moment that they click through captivating and exciting photos. Since the biggest challenge is keeping consumers from immediately leaving the moment they visit your site, you can opt for this technique to keep your bounce rates low. And for every image, use descriptions that are relevant to the content but still optimize the SEO keywords that you’re targeting.

There are still many things to learn when it comes to SEO, but these basics can help you understand what it generally is and assist you in creating your own SEO-friendly site. Improve your quality without sacrificing a penny. But if you genuinely want to improve the quality of your site to the maximum, it’s optimal to hire SEO companies that offer services specializing in SEO optimization and lead generation. We hope you succeed in your business and that it might turn into something many people can rely on.