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Search Engine Optimization is the art, and science, of ranking in Google. It really comes down to two major factors — on-page and off-page SEO. On-page SEO includes creating high-quality, keyword-rich content, optimizing keyword placement, optimizing title tags, technical SEO, etc. Off-page SEO mainly revolves around link building — a task that is crucial to rank at all in the search engines.

While SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, three crucial factors to dominate in the search results can be remembered with the same acronym. I call this the SEO Formula.

 Tips for getting higher SEO rankings 4:02

S is for Strategy

Tactics are helpful, but strategy is your ticket to online success. For example, hosting an awards or a contest to build links can be way more effective than offering to write guest posts for bloggers.

E is for Expert

Your website should position you as the expert in your industry and offer valuable advice and data to its visitors. This is a great way to establish authority and to attract natural links from trusted sites.

O is for On-Page

Off-page SEO is only half of the equation — many people purely focus on link building and forget that on-page SEO is just as important. These are page elements such as the title tag, headings, and keyword placement in the page copy, and most importantly, the quality of your content.

If you follow this formula, you’ll be well on your way to higher Google rankings — but don’t stop there. The secret to conquering search engine algorithms is to never treat SEO as a one-off task or a project you spend only a couple months on. SEO takes time, testing, and if you’re doing it yourself, a great deal of trial and error.

But don’t give up! Search engine traffic is vital to your online success. The easiest way to tackle SEO and beat out your competitors is to hire an SEO expert to do it for you, or if you want to learn it yourself, coach with an expert. But as long as you follow these tips, you’ll be taking a giant first step toward success in the world of SEO.

Chloe Spencer is a 26-year-old internet entrepreneur and SEO specialist who started her first online business at 14 years old. Today she runs an SEO consulting company, working with clients around the world to improve their search engine rankings, build their traffic and increase their sales. Chloe is also a professional speaker, and has presented at over a dozen conferences since she was 16 years old

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