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Doing business today means finding a way to market your company by harnessing the power of the internet. Still today there are companies that forgo the use of the internet thinking it is too complicated or that they will be fine without it. This kind of thinking is troubling since implementing a digital marketing strategy can do untold wonders for your business. Conversely, many companies adopt digital marketing practices without formulating a guiding strategy. Attempting to market your company or its products online without an overarching digital marketing strategy can be almost as unproductive and frustrating as having no digital marketing presence at all. The choice to implement a digital marketing strategy, therefore, is an easy one. However, since the efficacy of various marketing strategies evolve over time, it is wise to keep the marketing strategy fresh. Here are a few digital marketing strategies you should consider for 2017.

Video is Still King – People on the internet love watching videos. For this reason there is no better way to embark on a marketing campaign than to employ the use of video. With video streaming sites such as YouTube and with social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter relying heavily on video ads, launching an ad campaign based on video ads seems to be a safe bet. According to Eddie Madan, CEO of Edkent Media, video engagement rates are higher than engagement with other types of media because, as he puts it, who doesn’t love being entertained? Video ads allow users to drop their guard and willingly view a commercial. If the video is animated, the chance that they will view the ad is even higher. Video allows users to watch and listen to the ad without having to devote a large portion of their concentration to reading copy. One important note to remember is that a video ad must be fun, entertaining and visually captivating in order to attract viewers.

Interactive Emails – There is something gratifying about being able to interact with emails right in your inbox without having to open another page. With the aid of integrated HTML and CSS this is quickly becoming a much-used tool in digital marketing. Interactive emails allow customers to add items to their carts, choose between colors and styles and even play games right in the inbox. Customers will appreciate this added functionality and it may convince them to interact with the email even more. Keep in mind that even when emails are opened, they are unlikely to be clicked on. Sending out an interactive email can change your click through rate dramatically. Customers will see that your emails aren’t similar to the run-of-the-mill variety they’ve become accustomed to and will sense that your company is a step ahead of the rest.

Social Video Will Explode in Popularity – The importance of video on social media will magnify in importance in 2017. With so many users relying on social media for video entertainment, the importance of using these platforms to launch marketing campaigns will become even more important. Video uploads on just Facebook alone have grown by 75% over the last year. And with over a billion views every day, marketing managers are taking new interest in Facebook. In addition to this, with Facebook’s insistence on autoplay videos, video views are almost guaranteed. Even though Facebook allows the customer to turn off video autoplay, they are either unwilling or unable to do it. Additionally, Facebook’s introduction of live video has created another tool for marketers as it tests users’ willingness to take part in a live-streaming experience.

Mobile is Making Bigger Inroads – The days of catering primarily for desktop computer users seems to be coming to a close with the increasing use of mobile devices as a way of connecting to the internet. 2016 saw mobile traffic increasing massively and the same upward trend is expected in 2017 as well. The upsurge in mobile use means that marketing managers need to make a concerted effort to cater to users on mobile as well as desktop. Marketing managers need to ensure that all visitors will have the best experience possible when visiting the website. In addition to this, Google is beginning to demote sites that do not have adequate mobile optimization – an even greater reason why catering for mobile is so important.

Linking of Machine Learning and Marketing Automation – What good is it to have data but then fail to use it in an effective manner? The injection of machine learning into digital marketing seeks to solve this problem. Machine learning tools allow the marketing manager greater insights into the customers habits and needs. This allows companies to strategize without having to waste time wondering which tactic to employ. Since algorithm will control this messaging, marketing managers no longer have to spend time selecting message, frequency and target demographic. In 2017, look to how marketing takes on a new life with Google Home, and Amazon’s Alexa as conversation with machine learning gadgets is leveraged for marketing strategy.

Countdown Timer in Emails – Countdown timers aren’t at all a new tool used by marketers. However, marketing managers are finding new utility with the tool as they slip them into marketing emails. Countdown timers help convince would-be customers that the proverbial window is closing and that they must take action now. These tools have the added benefit of being a visual aid that the potential customer can recognize and understand in one glance. Additionally, since Gmail displays HTML by default, countdown timers are always shown in emails.

Crafting a digital marketing strategy is a matter of keeping one’s ear to the ground and staying abreast of the fresh trends that can attract new eyes. However, it is good to remember that there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to adopting digital marketing practices. Much depends on your customers, your business and what works for you. Knowing these three factors inside out will help you to make better decisions about which tactics you should employ. If tried and true strategies work for you, then there is little reason to change.

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