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With the advent of handheld devices, more and more people depend on these products to stay connected and navigate the virtual world. Suffice it to say, many people are mobile-first in their online usage.

Recently, the ‘mobile-first indexing’ concept of Google changed the manner in which SEO companies planned and organized their SEO and online optimization strategies. This holds true not just for the well known SEO firms across the globe but local SEO services offered by firms also strive to migrate to the new concept.

Prior to delving deeper into the mobile-first indexing concept, let us find out what it is. Essentially it means that Google will begin ranking (indexing) the mobile version of any website first, followed by indexing of the same website’s desktop version. Aside from that, the various factors that determine ranking of a page will be decided upon taking into account both the mobile as well as desktop version of any website.

In this write up, we will find out how you can enhance the visibility and ranking of the websites on mobile devices and how you can rework your SEO strategies to get the optimum results.

Factors to consider

You can work upon these factors to get better results from SEO strategies.

Dwell Time

Over the years, Google has developed a sound understanding of the behavior of users. If it finds that in any search result listing, a user clicks but leaves the page promptly, it does not give Google a good impression about the website. Eventually, the name of the website will be dropped in the search result listing. As such, it is important for every website owner to keep in mind that the content that the users are looking for should by all means match the results. This concept is referred to as Dwell Time, which is being emphasized immensely in 2017.

Focus on mobile devices

Google is undoubtedly shifting focus on mobile devices. As such, the SEO strategies aimed at getting the right kind of attention and ranking of websites has to be in accordance. And for the same reason, it has made few changes in the manner in which the advertisement banners appear on the screen. You will be able to make out the changes that have taken place in this regard as in the case of “horizontal” appearance of advertisements in desktop versions against “vertical” appearance of advertisements in case of mobile version of websites.

An important aspect that has been conveyed well by the changes made by Google of late, in the context of “mobile-first indexing” is that greater emphasis will be laid on mobile version of websites, a trend which will continue to rule the virtual world.

Do away with Flash

Since Google is aiming at improving mobile user experience, it is best to avoid Flash, which mobile browsers do not support. You can insist on asking the same of the local SEO services firm that you have hired for your SEO success.

Why is it necessary to focus on mobile SEO?

Reports suggest that consumers look for their stuff more on mobile devices as compared to desktop versions of the website. Studies revealed that searches on mobile devices account for 58% of the searches in the United States. The survey/test was carried out taking into account more than 10 prime categories as well as millions of searches on various hand held devices. Interestingly, it was found that people shopping on their mobiles have higher “buying intent” and most importantly, end up taking a purchasing decision. As such, Google has aptly shifted focus on mobile devices to offer an excellent user experience to surfers on the virtual world.

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