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“So what actually is SEO?”

“How do you get started in SEO?”


As the owner of a Search Engine Optimization company, I get asked these questions everyday, and the answer is always changing!  Search Engines make algorithm changes constantly and at Guardian Owl Digital we help our clients experience ROI from, keep up with, and understand how changes impact their business.  From the above Pie Chart by Moz, you can see just how much goes into actually optimizing a website for online visibility.


So how do you get started?  I always advise trying to accomplish these 7 tips first.  If you can accomplish all 7, GREAT! You saved yourself around $600 of work and can let the experts take over!

In most cases, clients don’t have the time or expertise to even get the fundamentals in place because they are running their own business! That’s why were here:)


In addition to managing SEO and consulting for our clients, we provide additional services like Paid Ad’s on Google & social networks, Google Analytics data mining, link building and strategy, and content recommendations. All of these services are needed to help our clients gain visibility and continue to rank high on search engines!


If you got this far and your head is spinning, give us a shout!  We can provide a free visibility report to help you get started!  Contact info@guardianowldigital.com or call us at 502-822-6695.