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Pokémon Go may not even have a worldwide release yet, as it’s only available in US, Australia and New Zealand, but it’s rapidly surpassing WhatsApp, Instagram and Snapchat in terms of usage.

Over the past few days, we’ve seen several examples of brands using Pokémon Go as a jump off, and I’m sure there’ll be many more. 

Not every mention was successful, so here we present the best and the worst mentions from Twitter.

The good…


Our favourite example comes from the Tennessee Highway Safety Office and it raises awareness regarding the increased dangers of playing while driving.

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 17.28.06

Whataburger in Texas and the Australian ME Bank were among the funniest and most relevant brand mentions we came across on social media, as they managed to skilfully blend their focus with the trend.

However, they were not the only ones:

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 18.19.08

If you’re playing then you should know, or bookshop is full of them! Come browse and catch them all!

Well played, Amazon.

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Looks like the DZ house has a few new house mates! The phenomena is happening here!

We think Pokemon are like trains you’ve gotta catch ’em all! We’ve got Psyduck in the office….

The not so good…

Sometimes a brand should think twice before posting about a trending topic, as the expectations are already high and the competition even higher.

Only refer to a popular topic if you can really support it and be relevant to your audience, or else your message will be ignored, and even worse, it may be used as an example in posts like this 😉


The example above is not too bad, but it may be too direct for some consumers. If you had to target Pokémon users, it might have been a better idea to provide them free charging inside your shop, as a way to make them stay longer.

And of course, there are more examples of tweets that probably didn’t offer much of a value for the brands.

Countable: it’s like except not really and it lets you contact your lawmakers and understand legislation:http://getcountable.com 

Lure on the bike art outside Union Ladro! Come get your morning coffee &

Don’t forget to make a stop @7eleven and get your favorite drink while on the –> 7/11 Day

How to include Pokémon Go in your content strategy

Even if it’s not relevant for a brand, there is still a way to create appealing content for its audience, provided that there is the right connection.

Users will certainly appreciate a clever post, or a funny reference, but don’t expect that a popular topic can instantly boost the engagement of a post.

Some cases were not very successful, as they simply used a hashtag, or a reference to Pokémon Go to promote their own message, which usually doesn’t turn out to be very effective.

Make sure that the content you’re creating is a good fit for your audience and find ways to expand it or even discover new marketing opportunities.

For example, there is an interesting potential for local businesses to seize the trend of Pokémon Go and increase the business prospects.

Obsessed with ?! Our STL office is a Poke Stop and our KC office has one right next door! ??

Some businesses are already trying to promote their presence on the game, and it actually seems like a good idea, provided that they’re okay with having people around that may not necessarily end up being customers.

Do not hesitate to join the popular discussion if you feel that your brand can benefit from it. However, whether brands are aiming to engage with their users or increase brand awareness, context can make a difference.

Source: How brands are jumping on the Pokémon Go bandwagon: the good and the bad | Search Engine Watch