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If you’re in the mood for holiday cheer and a little inspiration for your PPC and online marketing plans, look no further than our holiday planning guide for digital marketers.

Our insights team has been delving deep into a treasure trove of search data and 3rd party research to bring you candy cane nuggets of wisdom that will help you ace your marketing efforts this holiday season.

If you’ve only just started your campaigns or you’re a little late to the party, it’s not too late! Now is the perfect time to start presenting your products and services to searchers through your PPC ads, as research from The National Retail Federation tells us that 40% of consumers start shopping before November and over 80% of consumers have started buying presents and checking their lists twice before December even starts.

Here are some of the highlights from our holiday planning guide that we hope you will cherish from Black Friday until New Year’s Eve:

Top Online Search Day is Cyber Monday

Last year our data showed that more people searched on Cyber Monday, followed by Black Friday and then December 2nd.

These shopping days get a lot of media coverage on TV and radio which may account for the spill over to the day after Cyber Monday. Consumers are probably in a mad dash through the snow once they realize there are only a couple of weeks left to order gifts and have them arrive on time.

Mobile is The Game Changer

While many of you might already be mobile ready, some might not have thought about all the ways to capture a consumer’s attention when they are on the go.

In 2014, the smart folks at eMarketer told us 45% of holiday shopping was done on mobile devices, which was 111% up from the year before.

Triple check you are giving your business the best chance of mobile marketing success by optimizing your site for mobile, creating an easier check out process to mitigate abandoned shopping carts and utilizing all PPC tactics available like Call Extensions, Location Extensions and Location Targeting.

Timing Campaigns Just Right

Our holiday planning guide has a bunch of useful charts which show trends of when people are searching across retail sectors and also click-through-rates and CPCs over time.

Much of the data is broken down by device as well, giving you easy access to insight you can put to use immediately to get one step ahead of your competition.

Choose Your Words Carefully

The holiday season is going to be busy. Every online retailer will be out for a piece if the holiday pie, so how can you stand out from the crowd?

Our data scientists have analyzed ad copy and CTR data to bring you our ad copy heat maps. These maps show the way to finding top performing Ad titles and descriptions. Make sure you know what words will be on your customer’s list. For more resources on how to get ahead during the holiday season, visit our Bing Ads Holiday Insights for Digital Marketers site.

Source: http://smallbiztrends.com/2015/10/bing-ads-holiday-planning-guide.html