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Generating organic traffic and working your way up the search engine rankings takes time — possibly time you can’t afford. With the help of a Google AdWords consultant, you can fast track your way to the front page and start funneling that traffic you need in no time.

If you’re considering managing your account without a Google AdWords consultant, allow us to please give you a word of caution. A Google AdWords certified professional is trained to help you get the most out of every dollar you’re spending on AdWords. You could attempt it alone, but without a proper strategy for keyword selection, relevancy, match type, geo-location, and keyword exclusion (negative keywords), you could be wasting precious advertising dollars.

All too often we hear the same story from clients who have managed their own AdWords campaigns: they end up spending a lot of money while getting little in return for it. A Google AdWords consultant can ensure that your advertising budget is not wasted. Our team specializes in working with both new and existing accounts. Here is some more information about what it is like to work with a trained AdWords professional.

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Working With a Google AdWords Consultant

If it’s your first time advertising on AdWords, our team can set up and create your campaign from scratch. If you have an existing AdWords account, we work with that as well. First, we start by conducting keyword research to find phrases with the best ranking potential. As part of our keyword research, we also determine negative (irrelevant) keywords and filter those out to avoid wasting ad dollars on them.

Then we will set up geo-targeting so that your ads are only shown in the specific geographical locations in which you want to generate leads from. Ad copy will be created according to Google’s best practices, including calls to action that drive results. We’re also sure to make liberal use of ad extensions, which help your ads stand out with additional information beyond what’s included in the ad copy.

When ads are live, we will set up conversion tracking so that any leads and sales generated from AdWords ads can be traced back to the exact keywords and ads that generated them. This information will also help us to understand which keywords are not performing, so we can remove those from your campaign going forward.

Monthly Monitoring & Reporting

Since AdWords is not a set-it-and-forget-it type of operation, our team does not stop working with you once your account is set up and running. That’s just the beginning. A successful AdWords campaign needs to be monitored, analyzed, and tweaked on a weekly basis.

Throughout each month, we will continue to test different match types, as well as continue to add negative keywords to your campaign to avoid ad spend waste. We will also add new phrases that have the potential to convert based on actual terms people are searching for. In addition, we will remove keywords that aren’t performing on an ongoing basis.

As your campaign’s keyword profile evolves, we will re-segment the ad groups for optimal quality score performance. At the end of each month you’ll get a report with an analysis of monthly results highlighting areas of continuous improvement.


As you can see, managing a Google AdWords campaign takes a lot more than picking out a few keywords, putting some money in the meter, and watching the traffic roll in. Google offers an AdWords training program for a reason — because there is a lot to learn. We have the expertise to steer your campaign in the right direction and start generating leads. Please visit this page to get a prompt price quote from a Google AdWords consultant.
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Source: Why You Need A Google AdWords Consultant