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In the spirit of love’s holiday, let’s take a closer look at how SEO and PPC make the perfect pairing for your company’s marketing efforts.

First, let’s start with a profile of each element:

  • PPC: My full name is Pay Per Click, but just call me PPC. You don’t have to buy me flowers. You only have to invest in the relationship as much as you’re getting out if it.
  • SEO: Hello there. I know that Search Engine Optimization is a lot to say, so please just call me SEO. I don’t expect any fancy gifts, but rather just pay close attention to the efforts you do make, and we’ll get along great.

If SEO and PPC were characters in the old “boy meets girl” story, PPC would make the first move. Develop your PPC strategy first so that you can track measurable results of every keyword that brings customers to your site. Once you get a clear picture of what potential customers seek out, focus your SEO efforts around those keywords and trends.

On the SEO side of the relationship, you’ve got long-term value, which is complementary to PPC’s immediate results. Pair the exposure and brand awareness that SEO brings to the table with specific, measurable, quantifiable PPC investments. Finally, marry the organic/free SEO ideology with PPC’s paid-for results, and that’s quite the match.

What does your SEO campaign need to address to make this relationship work? Below are some elements to include:

  • Upload your sitemap to Google Search Console
  • Connect your website to Google Search Console
  • Complete all page meta descriptions
  • Title images and include descriptive alt tags
  • Check all outbound and inbound links to make sure none are broken
  • Use heading tags to create content hierarchy

While SEO is working hard on improving themselves, PPC should be hard at work too, willing to bring the following to the table:

  • Analyze campaigns regularly for effectiveness
  • Split ad groups to create more targeted ad text and landing pages
  • Review and eliminate costly keywords
  • Refine landing pages to boost conversion rates

Need a professional to play Cupid to better align your SEO and PPC campaigns? Please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions.