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Growing Your Digital Footprint is Our Focus

We excel at driving relevant traffic and qualified sales leads to your website.

We do it by optimizing your content on and off your website for search engine readability and shopper user-ability.

Whether it’s through social search engines like Pinterest or search giants like Google, to deploy targeted digital strategy  using the best technology available.

Our seo strategies provide measurable results with robust real-time reporting to any organization looking for consistency and conversion tracking.

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SEO Growth

Authentic Growth from an Honest Company is the name of our seo game.

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Paid Growth

Wanting to propel your business with Google Ads, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. BUT not sure how to start? Guardian Owl can help!

YouTube Management Services

YouTube SEO Optimization

Is video content more your speed? Our in house video gurus and YouTube certified team members can get you started!

Best Influencer Agency in louisville

Social Digital Growth

Is your marketing funnel sitting on a social search engine? We work with the world's elite influencer partners to monitor
REAL influence and authority. Wanting to grow your Instagram
following with real sales leads?

Digital Growth is a Game of Numbers

The Data Behind SEO

Numbers don’t lie. Take a look at these SEO stats and see the data for yourself. 

+ 50 %
of all web searches were on Google
+ 35 %
of search terms were 4 words or longer
+ 88 %
traffic increase from updating content and images

If you are interested in learning more about how Guardian Owl Digital can help your business take flight to the next online level, we’d love to chat! 

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Jenna Ahern Guardian Owl Digital

Jenna Ahern

Founder & CEO

Jamie Ahern Guardian Owl Digital

Jamie Ahern

Digital Account Manager

Allison Taylor

Allison Taylor

Director of Search Engine Strategy

Brett Martin - Digital Authority Examiner - Guardian Owl Digital Boutique

Brett Martin

Digital Authority Examiner

Zack Hodge Guardian Owl Digital

Zack Hodge

Business and YouTube Development

Bella marcallini Guardian Owl Digital

Bella Marcallini

Digital Video and Art Editor

"Our Company has used Guardian Owl for our Google Ads Campaign and Video Production for 2 Years now and we couldn't be happier."
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