Zack Hodge

Business Development Manager & Video Producer

Zack Hodge, a Kentucky native, grew up in Louisville where he attended Saint Xavier High School and then earned his Bachelor’s degree in marketing from the University of Kentucky. While attending the University of Kentucky, Zack was appointed as Vice President to the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity.

When asked about his work experience, Zack stated, “During college and before I get into sales full time, I was a sports videographer for WLKY-32 and WLEX-18. I also worked as an Account Manager for Cinci based 3PL, Total Quality Logistics (TQL), and as a Sales and Project Manager for Commonwealth Sign Company.” Zack can proudly say he has worked in many industries but found a passion  for digital marketing and the work that Guardian Owl Digital does. He enjoys educating people in the Louisville area about the importance of SEO and why it’s exponentially being considered as a fixed cost for many businesses’ budgets.

While in college, his sales professor really set the tone for what sales is like in the real world. This is where Zack started to from his own opinion of the sales industry and where he learned that empathy is the most important characteristic of a successful salesperson. Now when he is talking to businesses about Guardian Owl, his goal is to educate them on the advantages of SEO and why it’s a must in today’s digital marketplace.

Zack found the digital marketing industry when he noticed ads starting to follow him around on the internet and he decided to investigate where they came from. Once he completed his research and fully understood digital marketing, he also started to see countless job posts for digital sales in the Louisville ares. He learned the amount of opportunity that proper SEO practices can provide for a small business and he knew he wanted to be in that industry.

Outside of work Zack is very passionate about music. He tries to set aside time to play the guitar or the piano everyday. When discussing music Zack said, “to me, music gives people the ability to express feelings that can’t be communicated through words.” Besides playing music, if he could do anything in the world, he would coach football. One of the proudest moments in his life was when he was selected to be the team captain during the infamous Saint X. vx. Trinity football game in high school.

Zack is also a part of the Tiger Network organization and the Emerging Leaders Society and finds the time to bartend at DiOrio’s Pizza and Pub on Baxter Avenue.

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