Mary Holfelner

Client Performance Specialist

Mary Holfelner, grew up in a small town just south of Louisville called Danville. She frequently goes back to visit due to her deep family roots there and it’s home to her favorite mexican food which she can never go too long without.

Though she may love her hometown, Mary felt she needed something bigger and decided to travel outside of Kentucky to attend college. She found her home at the University of Evansville in Indiana. This is where Mary decided to earn her degree in Marketing as well as French. Mary feels lucky she fell in love with the marketing industry and found a career in the field post graduation.

After college, Mary moved to Kansas City where she finally felt that “big city” feel for which she was looking. Mary for her first taste in SEO while she interned at a local digital marketing firm. It was not long before Mary realized she missed being close to her family and decided to pack her bags and travel closer to home. This is where she found Louisville and all of its opportunities to work for many successful marketing agencies.

After working in various marketing related jobs and getting all sorts of experience, Mary attended a Louisville Digital Association meeting where Guardian Owl Digital Boutique president, Jenna Ahern, was speaking. A connection was sparked by a love for SEO and marketing podcasts. Soon after, Mary joined the Guardian Owl team and fell right into the fast paced environment without a hitch.

At work Mary is most passionate about ridding the world of websites that don’t put their users first. She feels it is very important to educate small business owners on the importance of not only having an attractive website, but a site that is easy for customers to find and operate once they are there. She believes that SEO experts and Web Developers need to crosstrain and collaborate to create the best possible digital experience for clients and their customers.

When asked what she feels she is surprisingly good at, Mary stated “I am good at explaining things to my clients in a way that can make sense to them and at listening to what their concerns are and addressing them.” She says this is surprising to her because it is also what she wants to improve most upon in her personal life. Her gut feeling is what gets her through tough and important decision. When working on clients’ SEO she foes with her gut feeling and is confident in the advice she gives. This gives her the self-assurance to walk into a meeting and help any client’s business thrive. If she could give any advice to small businesses it would be to add more copy to their website; her favorite phrase is “content is King!”

If Mary could do anything else for a living outside of marketing, she says she would be a West Coast Swing dancer and just play with Ivy, her lab/border collie mix. Her proudest moment was when she placed 5th at the Michigan Classic dancing competition in 2017. When not at work, she enjoys giving dance lessons, traveling, hiking, and exploring new restaurants in and around Louisville.

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