Mandy Jackson

Client Success Manager

Mandy Jackson, Guardian Owl’s Client Success Manager, grew up in Hickory, Kentucky. Although it may sound like the punchline of a joke, Hickory is nestled between the towns Opossum Trot and Monkey’s Eyebrow. When deciding where to go to college she knew she wanted to stay local but break out of her small town. She attended the University of Louisville where she earned her BA in Psychology and BSBA in Marketing. Since graduating, she hasn’t been able to leave this fun and vibrant city. She likes to think that Louisville gave her so many opportunities and now it is her turn to give back.

Mandy started working at Guardian Owl when she was looking for an internship opportunity and came into contact with Eric Gunderson through a mutual friend. After working as an intern for 9 months while earning her degree, Mandy joined as a full-time employee. With over 3 years of experience in the marketing field, Mandy believes the biggest proof of her success is when she makes her clients happy and when they see ROI. Mandy said, “I love being able to look at the analytics from month over month and see an improvement as a result of our marketing efforts.” Mandy often finds herself being a liaison between clients and vendors. She enjoys taking this off business owner’s plates so they can focus on growing their business. She is always very persistent when working on a project, and is known for her persistence and responsiveness.

This growing star is a jack of all trades. Over the years she has worked as a law firm clerk, a marketing intern for a major agency, a swimming instructor, a babysitter, a bartender, and a Jim Beam connoisseur. Her versatility has brought out one of her major strengths in the workplace. Mandy has a skill at appearing calm and confident in high stress situation. She is able to take a step back, take a deep breath, and work through tough situations without anyone knowing she may have been boiling over on the inside. Mandy’s set of degrees in Marketing and Psychology have helped her be a more understanding and analytical account manager for her clients. Having a unique perspective on situations and decision making has helped her create new ideas to solve problems and ultimately see results.

Mandy is most passionate about growth, whether it be in her personal life or her professional career. She finds strength in growing herself and empowering others to do the same. She finds joy in knowing she has a part in a peer, a mentee, or an organization grow. Mandy also loves to learn. She stated, “I think being at a job where I did the same thing day in and day out would kill me. Being challenged is something I would seek out every day, I just got lucky enough to find a job that pays me for it!”

Mandy has always been able to connect with people of different backgrounds and experiences. She finds joy in forming relationships with people from all over who bring different perspectives and experiences to the table. Luckily, Louisville has given her a great platform to do so. Mandy is currently involved in the Louisville Digital Association, Women in Digital, Young Professionals Association of Louisville, and is a volunteer with the Catholic Charities Refugee Mentor Program.

Whenever she can find the time, she loves spending it outdoors, “When the weather is nice and I am not at work you can find me driving through the Parklands or Pernheim Forest (with the jeep top down, of course) on my way to a creek for kayaking or a trail for hiking!”

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