Eric Gunderson

Co-Founder & CEO

Eric Gunderson believes his biggest accomplishments are convincing his wife to marry him and keeping his kids alive…so far. He is also extremely proud to have launched multiple businesses during turbulent times without filing for bankruptcy or missing a mortgage payment.

Gunderson, a Louisville native, attended Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois where he earned his BS in Communications and Political Science. “Being president of my fraternity and the inter fraternity council while working two jobs in college was the best part of my education. I learned how to work with all sorts of different people with different passions and agendas, and how to prioritize my time to achieve my goals.” Post graduation, he believed his future was in politics and political campaigns, but after a taste of his first campaign grind, he realized that it really wasn’t his true calling. He left politics and decided to give advertising a try on the advice of a friend who told him his work on political campaigns would transition well into advertising.

Over the next twelve years Gunderson worked at four different marketing and advertising agencies where he held the positions of Senior Account Manager, Director or Marketing, and became a Partner at Maverick Marketing & Media. In 2007 he decided to strike out on his own and started Gunderson Marketing and Valeo Communications. Gunderson Marketing is a marketing management service for small businesses looking for experienced assistance in developing, implementing and tracking strategic advertising and branding plans. It specializes in business-to-business, home improvement/trade services, retail, community relations, and entertainment industries. Valeo Communications was marketing consultancy for individual medical and dental practices, and the publisher of Valeo Magazine, a lifestyle publication delivered to more than 40,000 physicians, dentists, and healthcare executives throughout Kentucky and Southern Indiana. Valeo Communications closed its doors in 2014 so Gunderson could focus all his energies on Gunderson Marketing and Guardian Owl Digital Boutique.

With nearly 25 years of experience under his belt, Gunderson says that the biggest proof he has that he is good at what he does is the relationships maintained with clients for years despite growing competition and the vagabond nature of the marketing industry. He consistently works to help his clients experience a tangible return on investment from their marketing dollars. Gunderson states he’s “less interested in branding and awareness than I am surpassing my clients’ financial projections.” He strives to be a part of a business’ success story, he loves helping them achieve their goals and dreams.

When Gunderson isn’t working on the success of Gunderson Marketing, Guardian Owl Digital Boutique, and all of their clients, he spends a lot of time coaching his kids in cross country, basketball, and swimming. After carting his kids around to various activities he dedicates his time serving as the President of Grow Smart Louisville, a member of the Better Business Bureau and the Louisville Ad Federation.

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