Investment Management

Investment Management

Managing your digital spend to be the most effective across a monthly cycle is an important component to achieving key performance metrics that drive conversions. At Guardian Owl Digital Boutique, we strive to put your best foot forward in the moments and times throughout the day that matter the most!

Every month your online shoppers will have different searching patterns and search query activity online. That being said, as a business, your goal should be to appear at the right time, on the right medium, and with the right message as frequently as possible.

We analyze your audience traffic patterns, adjust and manage mobile/desktop bids, and time of day your ads are showing up to ensure that we are getting your full share of voice in your market.

Budget management online will aid in delivering quality traffic instead of quantity and ultimately help hone in on what it takes to convert the RIGHT online shopper for your business.

Quality is what matters most and because of this, we won’t spend your investment if we don’t feel we’re achieving the quality of traffic that we need. In addition to monthly spend reports, every quarter we present our clients with their quarterly spend on Google, Facebook, Bing, etc. When we under-spend, our clients can choose to get those additional dollars credited back to the business or roll the funds over to future campaigns.