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There Is No More Social Media — Just Advertising

April 28, 2015

Five Strategies for Brands in the Era of #NotReally Social Media Marketing By Mike Proulx. Published in AdAge on April 02, 2015. Fifteen years ago, the provocative musings of Levine,…

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Biggest Advertisers Are Sending Their Dollars to Digital

March 23, 2015

By SYDNEY EMBER, NY Times March 18, 2015 The country’s largest marketers are slashing their advertising budgets as they shift a larger portion of their spending to digital, according to…

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P&G Shifts Marketing Dollars to Online, Mobile

November 10, 2014

Procter & Gamble Co. is now spending more than a third of its U.S. marketing budget on digital media, an aggressive shift as Americans for the first time are expected…

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My Grand Experiment: Turning Off AdWords

As I explained in my last post, I recently found myself with a surprising new problem: all the work we can handle. Because our backlog of orders is as high…

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Seven Ways to Make Pay-Per-Click Pay

Among web marketers, it is the big debate: SEM versus SEO. Sound like just a bunch of letters to you? If you owned a web site, you wouldn’t think so.…

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