Allison Taylor - Guardian Owl Digital

Allison Taylor - Director of Search Engine Strategy

Allison Taylor has grown up and lived in the wonderful city of Louisville for her entire life. She spent a few years in Bowling Green while she attended Western Kentucky University. At WKU, Allison earned her degree in Culinary Arts and pursued a career in marketing for food service companies. Allison’s background is incredibly diverse, however for the past six years she has narrowed her focus to marketing, and has loved every minute of it. Her large array of experiences has required Allison to perfect the trial and error, “figure it out” work ethic. Allison has acquired a love for reading articles and keeping up with the latest trends in the industry she is working. While dabbling in the marketing industry, Allison soon found her passion for SEO. She is intrigued by why people do what they do online, and how to get more people to visit certain websites. When she is not writing code and unlocking the secrets of internet visitors, Allison runs her own travel website and blog, Family Vacations U.S. She loves to travel to places that are off of the beaten path, and proceeds to post incredible stories and pictures on her blog. When asked about her greatest attributes, Allison explains that, “I like to dig in and help out where I can be of best use. I am happy to help with anything that might be going on and learn as many skills as possible!